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Florida’s Wedding Ring Lost & Found in Plays Out on Social Media

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

Because we tend to be outdoors, in parks, in pools and on beaches, the summer months are prime time for losing wedding rings. That seems to be holding true in Florida where people have literally been playing lost and found on social media in hopes of reuniting lost wedding bands and engagement rings with their hopeful owners.

Ring Found on Beach 8 Years Later & Reunited via Facebook

When little girls build sandcastles at the beach, they rarely expect to find buried treasure. One 4 year old girl did just that - discovering a gold wedding band in the sand. Her mom took to facebook and posted the ring, asking friends to share as far and wide as possible. Social reach is indeed far. The gentleman who had long given up on finding his grandma’s keepsake ring lost it 8 years prior, proving it’s never too late for your ring to resurface.

Wedding Band Found on Playground, Still Looking for Owner

Another little girl, a 5-year old Orlando resident, was playing at Lake Eola park when she saw something shiny on the ground. She and her mother saw the ring and it’s dated inscription and have savvily posted to social media with only one half of the message so that the rightful owner can come forward to finish the phrase. So far they haven’t yet connected with the owner - so please feel free to share on your own feeds and maybe we can help the message and the lost ring get to the person whose anniversary is October 31, 1981!

Boxing Enthusiast is Reunited With Her Rings Using Social, News Outlets & Flyers

Karen Gilmore had been to the bank and to her work out at Title Boxing when she found her diamond engagement ring was missing. She said she put the ring in her wallet and placed it in her gym bag. Recognizing that it could have fallen out and wasn’t a clear cut case of theft, Karen quickly mobilized a host of communication tools to seek help in her search for a ring that meant so much to her. Ten days later she got a call that a woman who had seen one of her flyers had the ring and wanted to meet. They successfully connected and Karen is thrilled to have her precious ring and wedding memento intact.

If you’ve lost a ring, social media is an excellent way to alert a large range of people to your plight. If you are connected with neighbors and people in your community - it’s likely that your message might reach someone who can help.

Avoid losing rings by keeping them safe whenever you have to take them off and making it a habit of keeping them in the same place. If your rings feel loose because you’ve lost weight, are sweating or are playing on the beach or in the pool, be smart - take off and safeguard your precious tokens of your loved one.