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Summer, the Season to Lose Your Wedding Ring

Summer, the Season to Lose Your Wedding Ring

Posted by Kirsten Knipp

Hey now!

We don’t mean you SHOULD go out and lose your ring in the summer. We DO mean that most people who lose their favorite rings or wedding bands are likely to do so when it’s hot out.

Why? You ask.

Water. Pools. Boats. Oceans.

Last year we surveyed hundreds of married people -- more than 10% of those that had lost a wedding ring told us that they lost it at ‘leisure on the beach or in a pool’.

Imagine. Its 100 degrees out, with a heat index of 110. You’re pumped to go to your friend’s house at the lake so you can beat the summer intensity with some chilled beverages and a few dips in the cool water. There’s water volleyball. Ladder golf. Cornhole.

About 20 minutes after your water volleyball bout, you realize your wedding band is gone. The sun is going down and there is no chance you will find it in the murky, sandy bottom of the lake now. What do you tell your partner?

No one wants to be in this situation. That’s why when we go out on the boat in the sweltering Texas heat, John puts his ring on a RingSafe attached to the floaty key ring and feels safe and sound.

The only other sure fire way you can keep your precious wedding symbol safe this summer when you want to be having fun is to take it off and put it in a safe, dry place like a home safe, small pouch of a bag locked in your car (where you won’t forget it).

Regardless of where your summer takes you for the last month of sun and fun, be aware of times that you’ll be in bodies of water where your hands get cold, shrink and slick sunscreen can put your ring at risk. Take precautions and keep yourself from the panic that could arise if you find yourself on a less than amusing scavenger hunt.